E 398T: Supervised Teaching in Writing (Fall 2017, Fall 2016)

Fall 2017. TTH 11-12:30pm Parlin 6. University of Texas at Austin.

Fall 2016. TTH 11-12:30pm. Parlin 6. University of Texas at Austin.

RHE 398T is a course in writing theory and pedagogy developed specifically for new instructors of RHE 306. It begins with a three-hour orientation in April and a three-day workshop in August. Once classes officially begin, RHE 398T features a semester-long colloquium. During the colloquium, instructors develop general course plans for the semester and detailed plans for the opening weeks of class, all in the context of larger discussions about rhetorical principles and pedagogical practices. The bi-weekly colloquium will serve as a forum for the discussion of practical classroom matters (giving feedback on papers, running successful in-class discussions, teaching research and documentation, teaching with technology, choosing textbooks, etc.). Late in the semester, instructors will draw on their RHE 306 classroom experience and their colloquium participation to design a RHE 309K course proposal. Finally, at the end of the semester, all 398T participants will contribute to the annual departmental assessment of RHE 306.

Above all, RHE 398T is a forum where new AIs can find mentorship and support from one another and from the DRW Assistant Directors and Associate Chair. To that end, during this semester, new AIs are strongly encouraged to schedule voluntary classroom observation sessions, when others can learn from and offer feedback about their teaching. Such observations might feature one AI sitting in on another’s class, an AD sitting in on an AI’s class, or the Associate Chair sitting in on an AI’s class. Furthermore, these observations will be non-evaluative. They will have no bearing on future employment or standing in the department. We will watch one another teach to learn how to teach, not to decide who deserves to be a teacher. Two formal opportunities to schedule such observations will be made available during the semester, but AIs are encouraged to ask the ADs, the Associate Chair, and the other AIs if they are interested in scheduling observations beyond those formally offered in class.

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